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Harrison brothers, business partners sentenced to prison for tax evasion

This isn’t the way to go about your life.  I am not judging.  I help these kinds of people every day. 

These brothers needed help way before the IRS assessed criminal charges.  The brothers needed guidance from a qualified professional.  Obviously, they could make a substantial living.  To operate a grocery store, the finances are complicated, you need a detailed accounting system. 

Forty-six months after IRS agents raided their homes, seizing more than $1.3 million in cash reserves, two Clare County businessmen learned their penalties for failing to pay their income taxes.

Timothy Walraven, 48, and his brother, William Walraven Jr., 46, were sentenced Monday to 40 months and 43 months, respectively.

The brothers owned a car wash and a grocery store.  We just accepted a new client, who owns a grocery store and several other ventures.  Their finances are complicated and it takes a dedicated CPA to sort out the financial transactions.

My team works with client’s in these circumstances every day.  If you need help call us 1-877-489-8999.  We help people get their finances in order, so they know how much money they have made.  We teach our clients budgeting tools.  We prepare our clients for the taxes that they owe.  We can help you get your finances in order.

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