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An Offer in Compromise, what to expect

First and foremost an Offer in Compromise (OIC) should only be used as a last resort.  The IRS will not settle on taxes that a tax payer can repay, and the filing of an OIC suspends the statute of collection.  We represent people every day, we file an OIC only when it is the best option.  A tax payer representative should be very cautious about actions that suspend the statute of collections.  The vast majority of the taxpayers can repay some, most or all of their IRS debt. 

We file few OIC’s because we do not sell a product to a client.  We allow the facts and circumstances of the client’s case to determine the course of action.  If you have the facts and circumstances that support an OIC, we will file that ASAP.

According to an article published by Manuel Davis Jr.: “Getting a favourable and beneficial IRS tax settlement is possible, but you increase the odds exponentially when you use a tax expert as your representative. Tax experts know exactly what the right course of action with IRS is to make your settlement as little as possible. They know all the nuances and changes that occur regularly in tax codes and laws. What people tend not to understand is that the IRS does not want a protracted fight. They want to close the file on your back taxes almost as bad as you do. But, given the chance they will take advantage of your situation.”

I have represented clients that have filed their own OIC, and not a single one got the OIC accepted.  We have a great track record with our OIC’s.  As a rule, we do not send an OIC to the Service Center, we file our OIC’s with a member of the Appeals division of the IRS.  We have a much better success rate with those folks, rather than with the service center.

If you have talked to one of my competitors, please contact my office 1-877-489-8999, we have a vast amount of OIC knowledge and we will help guide you to the correct course of action.  We don’t sell OIC’s, we sell solutions.

The IRS reports the average discount on an accepted Offer in Compromise was 88%.  That is a steep discount, remember the IRS is not going to just give you an 88% decrease, you will have to fight for it.  Choose a professional that is experienced in fighting for your rights.

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