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Former NBA Player Anthony Mason has Tax Problems

Tax problems are not isolated to an individual.  I tell many clients, “You are not alone” “Thousands of people have tax problems”.  Mr. Mason made over $40 million.  That is a ton of money by anybody’s standard.  However, for whatever reason Mr. Mason now owes a bunch of back taxes.

Former Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks star Anthony Mason, famous for shaving slogans in his hair, owes more than $1.8 million in state and federal taxes, records show. His state income tax debt alone is the 11th largest delinquency in Wisconsin, where he played for the Bucks from 2001-03. Mason, 42, known for this brutish style, earned more than $41.4 million in salary during his NBA career.”


Mr. Mason needs help, I hope he finds competent advice, listens and acts on the advice of his advisors.  I have seen comments that are unkind towards Mr. Mason, everyone deserves to have their rights asserted and defended.  I wish Mr. Mason the best, he will need all of his strength to get thru this mess.

The time to settle your tax debt is now.  Settle your tax problems when you are in your worst financial condition.  Do not wait until you have some money, the taxing authority will want that money.  Settle your debt when you have nothing.  Call now 1-877-489-8999, to start getting your tax problems resolved.

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