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Rhode Island Inches Towards Making Prostitution Illegal

This is my tax blog.  Prostitution has nothing to do with taxes, except for the unclaimed fees that the ladies receive for services.  However, that is not the point of the article or the title.

Rhode Island has legal prostitution?  I knew about Nevada, but I had no idea that Rhode Island is the other state that offers legal prostitution.  In Rhode Island’s defense, prostitution is not “legal” it is decriminalized.

The effort to criminalize all prostitution has grown, as Asian “spas” have popped up across the state, and some people have become convinced that legal prostitution has turned Rhode Island into a human trafficking “Mecca.”

I consider myself a social liberal.  The United States of America cannot tolerate the sale of a human being, it is against all that is American.  However, Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution 30 years ago.  A woman enslaved in Rhode Island as a sex slave, soon will become a criminal, and that does not sound correct.  I hope Rhode Island does its homework before it chooses to criminalize an activity that has been decriminalized for over 30 years.

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