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Settlement with the IRS

I represent many companies that owe back payroll taxes. This can be one of the most expensive engagements that we undertake. The complexity and the number of forms involved, make this type of an engagement very expensive.

After engaging our services, the first goal is to get the taxpayer compliant. Compliance involves, filing the correct forms, it does not mean that the taxpayer has paid anything yet. The taxpayer must be compliant or the IRS has no reason to work with you. If you are not willing to file the forms, why should the IRS work with you? My job is to get every client compliant. Depending on how many employees the company has, the number of years that need fixed, and the organization of the accounting records will determine how much must be spent on professional fees.

I have many clients that have paid me in excess of $50,000 to get them compliant and resolve the matter. Resolution is a different topic. I doubt any taxpayer has resolution, without compliance. But compliance does not equal resolution.

If you want to know how to resolve a very complicated payroll tax case, give my office a call. We will help you resolve your tax case, for the lowest amount allowed by the law.

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