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Can I go to Jail For Not Paying My Taxes? You May Need Tax Representation Or Help With IRS

tax representation and help with IRSMany are concerned about the fact they may go to jail for not paying their taxes and may need tax representation or help with IRS documentation.This is a delicate topic but can easily be dealt with if done right.

Article Body: Yes, without tax representation and under certain conditions the IRS can and will send you to prison. Most of the cases that I read the sentences are 40+ months in a Federal Prison. So yes, if you haven’t found help with IRS matters, filed or if you have misrepresented your income on the tax return you filed, you may be in a lot of trouble.

The government has certain conditions that it must prove, what you don’t want to do is make any statement or perform any action that harms your defense. If the threat of a criminal charge is present, seek qualified representation immediately before you discuss your case with the IRS.

A Client came into our office to help with IRS matters and he was in tears. The IRS had found him “They Found Me!” This wasn’t the first time the tax payer had a run in with the IRS.

About a decade ago he had failed to file a bunch of tax returns and “They found him then to”. The IRS audited him, and prepared returns on his behalf. The tax payer went underground, he failed to make restitution and failed to file returns.

The seasoned revenue officer that was assigned to the case, looked at the tax payers previous record and looked at the tax payers current record and wanted to place our client in handcuffs.

Our work was to provide tax representation and keep the situation from escalating. We were hired to manage this case. Our job was to keep this case as a compliance and collection case, not a criminal case.

We filed returns and explained the following, the tax payer has a terrible financial history, he didn’t keep any of the money that he did not remit to the IRS and we explained the tax payer has a seriously ill child. These facts of the case prevailed and no charges have been filed to date.

Can I go to Jail For Not Paying My Taxes? You May Need Tax Representation Or Help With IRS

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