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How Can I Evade Tax Penalties? Your Fort Wayne Accounting and Tax Services, and Tax Consultants

avoid tax penaltiesHow Can I Evade Tax Penalties? This may be the most common question that we get.  The penalties are typically a large amount of money and most clients say something to the effect of, “If it weren’t for the penalties I could pay them what I owe them”.

The IRS’s policy is to use penalties as a deterrence for non compliance and failure to pay.

Penalties are too numerous in this space to mention all of them.  The IRS does have statutory authority to charge tax payers with penalties.  If you are not compliant and you have not fully paid, the IRS is charging you penalties and it won’t be long into our conversation before you ask if we can get rid of some of these penalties?

Penalties are asserted by the computer and system generated, not examined by a human eye.  If you want the IRS to abate a penalty, you probably need to show a reasonable cause for your non compliance or failure to pay.

Here is the value of a highly skilled tax professional.  What was the cause of your non compliance failure to pay the IRS?  Your professional representative needs to understand the underlying cause, your professional should be able to explain this the IRS.

Everybody has a story, but that may or may not be reasonable cause.

If you want to know what counts as reasonable cause, the IRS has a list on their website.  If you want a cogent articulate intelligent argument made on your behalf contact us immediately – (877) 489-8999

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