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Can The IRS Take My House If I Don’t Pay My Taxes?

tax representationMany are concerned about the fact the IRS can take their house for not paying their taxes and may need tax representation or help with the IRS. This is a delicate topic but can easily be dealt with if done right.

The IRS can seize assets, including your primary residence.  So yes, the IRS can seize your assets, including you house.  There is a practical side of how the IRS operates and the IRS collects the money that is owed.

Just because they can doesn’t mean that they will.  The IRS will have to get several approvals in the process, the area manager and then a Federal District Judge has to sign off on the seizure of a primary residence.

Tax payers not compliant in filing or payment for over a decade, the tax payer has a seriously ill spouse.  A Revenue Officer had been assigned to the case, threatened the tax payer that he would seize the primary residence and the baby grand piano.  This house was nearly paid off.

That is when the tax payer called us.

The tax payer had some cash, we advised him to first pay Indiana Department of Revenue.  In Indiana we always pay IDOR first, because IN doesn’t have a statute of collections and they levy the quickest.

We got him compliant in his filings, we established a corporate entity to formalize his self employment income.  We then setup a partial payment IA to repay the nearly $300k.  This tax payer is still a client 5 years after he hired us.

Please comment below if you have any question on this topic or seek tax representation or help with the IRS, as we would love to help out.

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