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Tax Audit Help – How Long Will The Process of Solving My Problem Take

Many of our callers do not understand how long it takes to resolve a tax problem. Many clients think small problems are large and many do not understand how large their project is and how much it will cost.

When it comes to Tax audit help, how long will your case takes to resolve is entirely dependent upon you and the complexity of your case. Can you provide the information needed to resolve your case, and can you pay the fees associated with being professionally represented?

If you haven’t filed your individual income tax returns, but you have all of your information gathered and organized, we will usually start on your case, the week you retain the firm’s services.

If you own a corporation or you are self employed, the length of your project is determined by you and your financial resources.

Self employed people and corporations must make a reporting of their business income and expenses. Depending upon your situation these types of projects take months, 1-2 months per year.

This type of work can involve substantial accounting and professional fees.

If you need tax audit help, tax representation or a tax consultant, call Tax Matter Solutions Today at – 877 489 8999 and speak to one of our tax consultants.

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