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Tax Matters Solutions Knows What It Takes to Get Your Finances Back in Order

article by Jennifer Hans
Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers in the United States owe back taxes. Sometimes, they haven’t been diligent about filing their annual returns. Other times, they simply don’t have enough money to pay what they owe. Sadly many of those affected don’t know what steps they need to take to get their finances back in order. They are stymied by their inability to take control of the situation. Tax Matters Solutions LLC can help.

The Fort Wayne-based business strives to be an advocate for taxpayers, helping them protect their rights and assets as they work toward full compliance with the IRS and other tax-collecting agencies (namely state governments). In many instances, Tax Matters Solutions is able to help clients ”” both individuals and business owners ”” negotiate workable settlements that ultimately give them a chance to make a fresh financial start.

Uncovering the Facts

Financial matters can be quite complicated. Challenges that affect one business, for example, can be drastically different than those that affect another. That’s precisely why Tax Matters Solutions does not attempt to apply a one-size-fits-all solution when working with its clients.

Owner, Nick Sutton, certified public accountant, has 20 years of experience, and understands that there is no universal approach to solving such complex cases. Instead, he sits down with each client to discuss the state of their financial affairs. He asks a lot of questions, and listens carefully to the answers that are provided. The goal, Nick says, is to create a realistic snapshot of each clients’ financial standing. Do they have outstanding federal or state tax returns that need to be filed? Have they neglected to pay a significant amount of money to the government? Or, have they become the target of a tax collection action, such as a wage levy or asset seizure?

Working Together to Create Solutions

Once a client’s financial problems have been diagnosed, Tax Matters Solutions is prepared to suggest appropriate solutions. To simplify the process, Sutton handles virtually every detail of the process. Clients sign over power-of-attorney, and Sutton communicates directly with the government on their behalf. He serves as liaisons between the clients and the government, and he strives to defend the rights of those he represents.

The firm employs a small support staff, but Sutton does the majority of the work associated with each of his cases.

“It’s such a personal subject that people like to be able to sit down and talk directly with us,” Sutton says.

Tax Matters Solutions provides an in-depth understanding of the complex relationship between tax code and the Internal Revenue Manual. Sutton has a skill set that makes it possible for him to provide services that extends beyond that of a traditional CPA. In most cases, he is able to resolve matters before legal representation is needed.

Sutton has established a good rapport with representatives from many government agencies, making it possible for him to communicate effectively on his clients’ behalf.

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