Personal Income Tax

The preparation of tax returns to comply with government regulation is only on part of providing professional tax service. Tax planning to minimize your tax liability is another part of providing professional tax service. The knowledge of your tax and financial situation along with knowing and you will allow us to help structure transactions that will minimize your overall tax liability.

Tax Matters Solutions, LLC is a Fort Wayne tax preparation office that can turn the arduous process of preparing your own returns into a thing of the past. We can take the task of this difficult process off of your hands to give you more time for more important things, like spending time with your family. We can help eliminate or reduce the chance of certain deduction errors putting you at risk of an IRS audit.

Our mission is to do all we can to help you get as much money back as possible in the shortest possible time. We specialize in professionally performed tax preparation, and strive to give our clients dependable service. Our staff is highly qualified and proud to stand behind 100% of the work that we do. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as a reliable, effective and affordable accounting firm, and we pledge to take every possible legal measure to help your get the most on your return.

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