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Tax Matters Solutions, LLC was founded to protect taxpayer's rights and assets. Tax Matters Solutions, LLC is a nationally recognized taxpayer representation firm, focusing on representing taxpayers before the IRS and state governments. Our goal is to get a taxpayer to the point of full compliance and negotiate a settlement with the IRS that gives our client a fresh start in life.

The firm is comprised of two principal owners and a small support staff. We are small enough to give you individual attention, but big enough to handle even the most complicated of tax issues. We diligently work to represent each taxpayer's particular situation before the IRS. Each taxpayer's financial situation is different and the means used to resolve each case is different. The successful resolution of your case is dependent upon your representative having a full understanding of your case. We take the time that is required to understand your story. We often find it is the details of you life that help us negotiate the lowest acceptable offer. Too many taxpayer representation firms have taken the cookie cutter approach to resolving all of their client's needs. Don't you deserve a firm that will take the time to listen and understand the reasons that you have tax problems and how you got where you are.

As the principals of this firm, we understand the emotional rollercoaster that our clients ride. We do this everyday, but we make this guarantee, we will not become detached from your concerns. We understand that your tax issues may affect every part of your life and you will have no peace until the problem is solved. We have the education and experience you need, contact us immediately to start solving your largest problem.

The principal owners of this firm have a combined 20 years of tax preparation and tax representation experience. We do not pass your file to an underling, we do not employ sales representatives. We have an 800 number for your convenience, your call does not ring into a call center filled with sales reps. You will be dealing with the principal owners of this firm, two seasoned Certified Public Accountants. We will handle your case from beginning to end. Contact us as soon as possible to begin your new life.

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