Tax Representation

Most individuals do not have the experience to deal with the IRS themselves and recognize the value of our services. With Tax Matters Solutions, LLC on your side you have no reason to be afraid. Let us help.

Qualifications of Tax Matters Solutions, LLC

  • 9Multiple degreed and licensed professionals. Everybody on our staff has a 4 year college degree. Our professionals are licensed CPA’s & EA’s.
  • 9We have worked with clients just like you from all parts of the planet. We have worked with clients in Bahrain, England, South Africa and from the east coast to the west coast.
  • 9A+ rating with the BBB

Our Experience is Vast

  • 9If your problem is small, we can help, if you are worried because your problem seems massive, we can help.
  • 9From payroll tax problems to excise tax audits, we won’t be practicing on your case.
  • 9We have the experience to give you a plan that will work, and we have resolved hundreds of cases just like yours.

How much will this cost?

  • 9Some problems are a few hundred dollars.
  • 9Some problems cost thousands of dollars.
  • 9We have streamlined approaches that save you money.
  • 9We can develop a plan that will minimize taxes and professional fees.

Interested in our services? We've got you covered!

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