Business Accounting

Accounting for small business owners is no easy task. With all of the work you put into growing your business, the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is try to figure out accounting rules.

Our small business accounting services include:

  • 9Bookkeeping
  • 9Financial Statement Reporting
  • 9Tax Reporting
These three areas combine to give you complete business accounting services to help you improve your margins, satisfy your investors, and minimize your taxes.


Bookkeeping tracks your day-to-day cash flows.

Bookkeeping monitors:

  • 9Sales revenue
  • 9Inventory expenses
  • 9Employee wages and withholding
  • 9Tax withholding

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements let managers and investors know how well you’re doing.

Financial statements include:

  • 9Income statements
  • 9Balance Sheets
  • 9Cash flow statements

Tax Reporting

Tax reporting helps you minimize your taxes while providing the reasoning and proof needed to back your deductions.

Taxes you need to track include:

  • 9State and federal corporate income tax
  • 9Sales tax
  • 9Employee FICA and income tax withholding
  • 9Local taxes


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