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Are you waiting for the taxing authorities to tell you what to do? Don’t wait for the State or the IRS to tell you how to handle your tax problems. You have rights, we make sure that you know and act within your rights! Don’t be intimidated by the IRS or the State taxing authority. Helping you understand your options and rights is our job.

Many people experiencing IRS troubles also have to deal with the related problem of delinquent state taxes. It can be a scary process. California, Indiana and other states frequently prosecute taxpayers. Often, a state is more aggressive than the IRS in enforcing compliance and collecting back taxes. Many of our clients have called because the state has enforced compliance or collections. California and Indiana are by far more aggressive than the IRS. Don’t wait and expect your state tax problem to just disappear. Contact us immediately to find out what we can do to help solve your state tax problem.

The IRS or the State collection department personnel are trained to take advantage of a taxpayer who is not knowledgeable about the tax law or the IRS and State audit and collection procedures. If you have an IRS or a state tax issue you may need to be protected from an IRS or State collection error, mistreatment, or intimidation. Do not become a taxpayer that has overpaid their tax liability because of either an inappropriate IRS or State action, or because you do not have the guidance of a firm who is skilled and experienced at working with IRS and State collection units.

Contact us and we will immediately evaluate your case. We have developed many strategies to help taxpayers. We can help you understand your current situation, identify your rights, and help you take action that will help you to solve your tax problem.

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