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Dedicated to Assisting Taxpayers take a Proactive Approach to Settling their IRS and State Tax Debt

article by Amber Recker & Kimberly Ruble

Whether you have unfiled tax returns, owe the IRS back taxes, or are the target of a tax collection action, such as a wage levy or asset seizure, you are not alone. There are thousands of taxpayers dealing with similar problems and most of them do not understand their rights before the IRS. Help is available.

Founded in 2003, Tax Matters Solutions LLC is dedicated to assisting individuals, families and businesses with tax-related issues. With one owner and a small support team, it differs from its competition, because it is small enough to give individual attention to its clients but big enough to handle even the most complicated tax issues.

Nick Sutton discovered that many clients operate their business without sufficient capital to sustain the operations. The easiest way to finance the business is to avoid remitting payroll taxes. Instead, these funds are used to cash flow the operations of the business, which is a serious offense and can get you into trouble with the IRS.

So, what competitive advantage does Tax Matters Solutions offer and how can they help? The staff at Tax Matters Solutions understands tax laws and how the IRS operates; this allows them to solve a problem in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Moreover, unlike many taxpayer representation firms that focus solely on IRS-related issues, the staff of Tax Matters Solutions can deal with the IRS and all 50 states. Therefore, even if the situation involves both the IRS and the state, they can help. They take the time and spend the energy to take care of the tax problems so their clients can have a fresh start. They deal with the IRS to protect their clients’ rights and prevent government agencies from taking drastic actions, such as liens, wage garnishment and asset seizure.

Because Tax Matters Solutions has experience with IRS negotiations, it receives many referrals from other CPAs who work in public accounting. The preparation of a tax return is one specialty within public accounting, and defending a taxpayer when the IRS is pursing collections is an entirely different specialization. Working through a collection process often takes creative thinking. Sutton works to discover what is the least amount that can be paid to satisfy the debt.

Sutton has been practicing CPAs since 1998. He understands that this situation is a private, confidential and emotional issue, and has structured his company to deal with the issues professionally and privately. Clients work directly with the principal of the firm, not a call center or a staff member.

The time to settle your tax debt is here. Mention this article when you call and Tax Matters Solutions will give you a free one-hour consultation.

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