Make More Money, Keep More Money

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Make More Money, Keep More Money

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Welcome to Tax Matters Solutions

We stand between you and the IRS! Our motto is simple…we work for our clients so they can ‘Make More Money, and Keep More Money!’

How to Hire a Professional

How often has your professional worked with the IRS? When was the last time they have worked with the IRS? CPA’s, EA’s and attorneys work in a variety of specialties. You will need someone experienced with accounting, tax preparation and taxpayer representation, to represent you before the IRS.


Tax Debt Help

You tax debt to the IRS did not develop over night and your IRS problem won’t be solved overnight. However, taking proactive steps to resolving your problem will ensure that your IRS tax debt is resolved in your best interest.



Filing Back Taxes

If you have not filed a tax return in a while, you may be wondering what options you have. It is generally in your best interest to file those back tax returns as soon as possible. If you need to file a prior tax year or even multiple years of tax returns, you want to ensure that the return is as accurate as possible.


Here to Help You

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We Are Your Shield

We stand between you and the IRS. We can shield you from the IRS and their arsenal of collection tools. Our advocacy is your protection. If you owe a tax debt or are being audited, you need a shield. The IRS has over 100,000 highly trained employees. Their job is to audit and collect money owed to The United States Treasury. Don’t stand up to the IRS alone, contact us immediately.

Make More, Keep More

Tax Matters Solutions’ misson is to provide the best counsel, advocacy and personal service for our clients. We are not only tax preparation and representation experts, but strive to become valued business partners. Tax Matters is committed to understanding our client’s unique needs while producing creative, realistic, and effective solutions.

We Want To Talk

Your inaction and delay will only magnify your IRS problem. We want to hear your story and understand your goals. We want to create a plan that resolves your tax problems while allowing you to achieve your goals. Our free and confidential analysis will help get you on the right track.

Filed Several Years of Back Taxes

The tax payer drove up from Indianapolis IN. He has not filed a tax return in over a decade. He has not filed in such a long time the IRS does not have him in their computer system. The tax payer retained the firm to file his back returns, determine what he owes and negotiate a repayment plan. This client is the most basic of successes.

Filling Back Taxes

Bankruptcy Can Be A New Beginning

This client was bankrupt. She owed $20,000 in back payroll taxes. The client bankrupted her corporation and sold the assets to a new company. She is now operating with a new entity and no more debt. The IRS debt has been negotiated down to $0, she paid nothing in additional taxes, penalties or interest. This case is a fantastic success.

Payroll Tax Problems

Large Company Needed Help

The tax payer owns a company that sells agricultural implements. The company makes several hundred thousand dollars per year. This is a successful company. The family leads a very nice life; however, they are currently being investigated by The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Internal Revenue Service.

Business Consulting

OIC Settled Millions For Thousands

The firm had to ruffle some feathers for this client. This client owes over a million dollars to the United States Treasury, he owes almost $100,000 to the State of Indiana. We contacted an executive at the Indiana Department of Revenue, the firm wanted a wage garnishment. Initially, the Indiana Department of Revenue would not comply.

Offer In Compromise

Helping A Small Client With A Big Problem

Many of our clients come to the firm a complete mess. This client did not know he was not compliant and he owed over $100,000. His wife had been hiding this secret from him for nearly six years. The firm examined his payroll records. We corrected his forms and filed payroll tax forms that were accurate. The additional accuracy saved the client $60,000.

Payment Plans

Need help? We’ve got you covered!

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Make More Money, Keep More Money

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