Power Of Attorney Negative Effects

Many taxpayers that contact Tax Matters Solutions, LLC are afraid of the tax authorities. Many taxpayers think that any contact with a tax authority will result in some sort of additional collection activity. Many taxpayers think, “If we call the IRS, they will come and get me”. This is simply not true.

If a taxpayer retains Tax Matters Solutions, LLC, we will need a Power of Attorney (POA), a written document allowing another person or party to represent you or act in your behalf. In order to represent a taxpayer a professional must be recognized by the taxing authority. Often, the first task that must be performed is a telephone call to the IRS or a state taxing authority. The telephone call must be made to obtain information. Many times the taxpayer has lost documents. Contacting the IRS is the easiest way to obtain missing documents.

Many of the taxpayers that Tax Matters Solutions, LLC represents have not filed a tax return in many years. Other taxpayers owe many thousands of dollars in back taxes. Many times Tax Matters Solutions, LLC will need to contact the IRS to get an account or wage transcript.

Many taxpayers think that there will be a red flag placed on their file after we contact the IRS. That is simply not true. If a taxpayer representative could not contact the IRS without a negative impact to the client, the system would collapse. How would any tax problem get resolved? Many tax problems, even very large problems, can be resolved once a taxpayer representative has a transcript from the IRS. This is only possible when a Power of Attorney is granted to the representative.

Tax Matters Solutions, LLC has called the IRS hundreds of times. We have represented hundreds of taxpayers from all over the country. Not once has any taxpayer had a bank levy or a wage garnishment issued because we called the IRS. The idea that something bad would happen because of a phone call or a request for information is simply not rational.

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