The IRS Has Filed Returns For Me And I Don’t Think I Owe What They Say

If the IRS files tax returns for you, the service is attempting to close an open file. This action is part of The Substitute for Return Program.

If the IRS files a return on your behalf, contact Tax Matters Solutions. It is highly unlikely that you would ever want the IRS to file a return for you. You want a valid assessment, which occurs when a taxpayer files an original return. If the IRS prepares a return, the statute of limitations, and a lot of other options, may not be available. If you allow the IRS to file your return, you may find yourself in messy situations where you don’t know the rules. Even if you owe more money than the IRS says, it’s still a good idea to file your own taxes.

The good news is that, in an attempt to get your attention, the IRS usually quotes you a number higher than what they think you owe, so you likely owe less than the IRS is attempting to collect. One of Tax Matters Solutions competitors allowed the IRS to file four returns for a taxpayer who owed $550,000. The taxpayer amended the returns and owed $140,000 at the end of the day. (What’s $400,000 between friends, especially when one of those friends is your uncle?)

File your own original return, and you’ll stay clear of messy situations, and probably save yourself some money.

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